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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor Deluxe (Demo)

Experienced riders have come to appreciate the Interceptor as one of the best sportbike motorcycles on the road. And with the introduction of the VFR800 Deluxe, the best just got even better. With new features including traction control, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), self-cancelling turn signals, a centerstand and heated grips, the VFR800 Deluxe just took the Interceptor to a whole new level.

The perfect complement to the Interceptor’s triple-disc-brake system, the Anti-Lock Brakes on the sportbike motorcycle provide the assurance riders want and need on unfamiliar roads, uneven road surfaces and compromised traction. Plus, Honda’s Traction Control system is designed to limit rear wheel slipping during a hard acceleration or during acceleration on low traction surfaces. It’s the added confidence that can only come from Honda track-tested, advanced engineering.

Smart bikes have smart features. The VFR800 Deluxe outshines with self-cancelling turn signals that automatically self-cancel after they detect that you’ve completed a turn or a lane change. Taking off on a cold morning? Switch on the supersport motorcycle’s grip heaters for added comfort. Add to that a centerstand, and it all adds up to a highly versatile street bike motorcycle that is capable of sport riding as well as long-haul touring. Nimble, agile and a rider-friendly powerband, it’s the choice of riders who want it all.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda CB500F ABS

Affordable, practical and fun to ride, the CB500F ABS is a breathtaking sportbike motorcycle for any adventure you embark on. Its 471cc twin-cylinder powerplant supplies superior performance and handling. The street bike motorcycle’s neutral, classic seating position makes it a perfect fit and versatile ride for people who want a machine that can do it all and do it well. Plus, the available anti-lock brake system (ABS) on the CB500F ABS helps you make smoother, more controlled stops in poor weather and road conditions.

Anti-lock brakes reduce brake pressure when they detect impending lock up and increase pressure again when traction is restored. Brake pressure is then evaluated multiple times per second, so sportbike motorcycle riders can fully break without fear of locking the wheels. At Honda, we believe that anyone should be able to operate a motorcycle’s brakes with complete confidence and peace-of-mind, no matter how poor road conditions may be. It’s the extra safety both experienced and novice riders want and need.

After all, you never know what the road will throw your way – from wet streets to sand and other debris on the track. It helps make street bike motorcycle and supersport motorcycle riding more secure, and under normal operation, you’ll never know it’s there. But when you do need it, it’s always there to back you up. Brake with confidence when you ride the CB500F ABS. This machine stands alone as the top performer wherever you ride – from the short commute to the weekend trip curving through the mountains.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2016 Honda CB500F

Honda’s new CB500F is the new, stylish, more comfortable, sport bike. With its sleek new look, the CB500F allows for riders to find a more comfortable and classic riding position while maintaining performance, because of the lower 30 inch seat, and it’s powerful 471cc motor. It is the perfect sport bike for riders who are looking to advance through a displacement class, as well as for anyone who enjoys stylish mid-weight motorcycles.

The CB500F allows for riders to sit in a more upright position, allowing for a more comfortable riding and commuting, while also increasing passenger comfortability. In addition, the CB500F is lighter than other 500cc motorcycles, allowing for better handling, and for riders to more easily back it up into parking spots, as well as put it on its side stand.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda CB1100

The CB1100 pays homage to Honda’s long line of capable, reliable and fun street motorcycles. With an 1140cc, fuel-injected inline four, the CB1100 is a modern bike for riders who love to ride. Precision and power are second nature to this beast of a supersport motorcycle, while its agile chassis and responsive suspension ensure a smooth ride for comfortable travel around town or on weekend rides. The Honda CB1100 has a generous helping of all the good stuff, and a whole lot to offer.

The 2014 CB1100 edition boasts a new six-speed transmission with great handling and plenty of power. The timeless in-line four engine displaces 1140cc and includes air cooling to look exactly like a cruiser motorcycle should. An engine this size packs the power you need for any adventure – from a weekend getaway or a spirited street ride. Classic inline-fours featured twin-loop full-cradle steel chassis in black. Sure it looked great, but CB1100 offers a completely modern chassis design, too. With an aluminum swingarm, 41mm front fork, cast wheels and polished aluminum engine covers, you’ll quickly discover that the supersport motorcycle offers plenty of style along with performance.

And just like the classic variation, the CB1100 is comfortable too. Whether you ride it for 15 minutes or 5 hours, you’ll see that it’s one of the easiest-to-handle machines in any class. The new CB is a cruiser motorcycle that you just hop onto like you used to, especially when you have no particular place to go. Completely nostalgic, the CB1100 is also super-functional, easy-to-ride and just asking to take a place in your garage.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2015 Honda VT1300 Fury 1300 ABS

When you ride a VT1300CX ABS Fury, you’re the center of attention – whether you’re cruising through town or out on the open highway. Spanning nearly six feet from axle to axle, this is one long and lean machine. Best of all, you have two Fury custom motorcycles to choose from: Our standard VT1300 CX Fury, or the ABS version for riders who want an added level of stopping control in less-than-ideal environments.

What makes the VT1300CX ABS Fury stand out? Let’s break it down. The standard – if you can call the Fury standard – integrates a single powerful 336mm-diameter front disc brake is complemented by a 296mm rear disc brake. With Honda’s innovative anti-lock brake system (ABS), cruiser motorcycle drivers have the added security and stopping power that only Honda engineering can deliver. After all, the road can throw anything at you – from wet pavement to sand and other debris on the road.

ABS is designed to help custom motorcycle tires achieve optimal deceleration and stopping performance while preventing them from exceeding their limits of grip. As a result, it’s possible to maintain efficient and effective braking control over a wide variety of riding conditions. You have the added confidence when applying brakes in emergency maneuvers or on slippery roads. Simpler braking with the VT1300CX ABS Fury increases any riding enjoyment.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2015 Honda VT1300 Fury 1300

Honda’s VT1300CX Fury is a chopper that is unparalleled. Its’ distinctive design will turn heads and start conversations. The torque-heavy 1312cc V-twin has a sound like no other, and our classic chopper-style accessories will make the radical Fury Chopper your own personal chariot. It’s the bike you’ve been dreaming about. How do we know? Just settle into the comfortable seat, turn the key, fire up the best of an engine – and find out for yourself.

Comparable to custom-house choppers that cost 10 times as much, the Fury 1300 works and rides twice as well. It’s a chopper, so you know it’s all about its engine – a powerful 1312cc, 52° V-twin with a single-pin crankshaft and dual balancers. The Custom Fury has plenty of torque—and the feel you expect from a V-twin. Boasting innovative features like Programmed Fuel Injection, custom-cast wheels and a uniquely designed shaft drive, the VT1300CX Fury is a statement of Honda engineering.

Radically styled, the Fury 1300 includes a seamless fuel tank, single-shock rear suspension system and an aluminum swingarm. Its offers a long rake at the front end and a hard-tail look to the rear, as well as a wheelbase at a full 71.2 inches between axles. The Custom Fury is the right combination of style and substance.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

It doesn’t take more than the first few seconds on the Spirit 750 to feel how brilliant of a machine it is. And no wonder: The Shadow Custom Motorcycle is a perfect combination of performance, comfort and Honda technology, all wrapped sleekly into a sporty cruiser package. The V-twin engine provides the power and beautiful hum for all the fun. In between you’ll find a perfect blend of both modern and classic styling touches, such as spoked wheels, plenty of chrome and an unbeatably comfortable riding position. The VT750 Shadow Spirit is sure to attract plenty of attention and envy, too.

When it comes to cruising, nothing compares to a V-twin engine. And the Spirit 750 is one of the best: A 750cc powerplant that delivers plenty of torque and a wide powerband. The VT750 Shadow Spirit’s programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) offers optimal performance in any condition, including cold mornings and high altitudes. And the durable and virtually maintenance-free shaft final drive ensures smooth, dependable power delivery to the asphalt.

The Spirit 750 is the ultimate in riding comfort. Dual-shock rear suspension and super low seat height really help smooth out the bumps and potholes on your ride. Plus, the broad, low-slung seat design is comfortable for both the rider and passenger. With this much power and easy feel, you’ll want to ride the custom motorcycle all over town, on short commutes or long rides on the weekend.
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