Thursday, October 22, 2015

Al Lambs Dallas Honda, Dallas TX

OK all you Bike Freaks and Cyber Geeks. I am not one for mincing words, and many of you know that... So here goes the REAL SCOOP on Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda...

I called them asking about financing a bike, I was looking at a used bike, just something to get me from point A to B. Well not only did they do ONE HELL OF A JOB financing me, but I was financed for a NEW 2007 HONDA SHADOW SPIRIT! I admit, like a lot of Americans out there, I don't have really great credit, but these guys saw beyond my past, and more looked at my present. They saw I was trying to recover, and they worked with it.

So far, all I can say about this place is they are awesome, polite (kept calling me sir, I had to flat tell them my name a couple of times, LOL) and very helpful. Lets put it this way...

1.       Initial contact and preliminary paperwork over the phone (financing stuff) maybe 20 minutes.
2.       Waiting for them to call me back with what I was expecting to be a laughing "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?" ; about 30 minutes.
3.       Return call of Bad News Good News. Effectively letting me know I was not able to be financed for the used bike I was looking at, then telling me that I was approved for my ;VERY FIRST, BRAND NEW BIKE', umm lost track of all time here.
4.       Me almost crying because of the good fortune, YES MEN CAN CRY WHEN THEY ARE HAPPY! Again not sure of time, and remembered to 'Cowboy Up' (LMAO I love that term). I also said thank you to the ethereal/theological powers that be, I think I did this a few times (LOL).
5.       Me waiting for 'THEM TO COME AND GET ME' (OK, I almost peed my pants when they offered to come get me, so I could ride my new baby home), maybe 20 minutes. during this time I am nervous as a virgin on prom night, because I just know I get there and there is some catch, you know like, "Buy it or walk" (Hmm reminds me of this trucker joke... You see there was this trucker..... umm never mind)
6.       Financing and all that after I got there... like ummm, what, ummm 45 minutes if that (includes signing paperwork etc). This was the amazing part, even with my less than perfect credit, they got me affordable payments, low finance rate. ZERO DOWN! and took care of everything.
7.       Having to wait for them to install my LoJack, prep the bike, yadda yadda yadda, lets try a FRIGGEN ETERNITY, BECAUSE I WANTED TO RIDE MY DAMN BIKE! (BWAHAHAHA). Seriously, the LoJack install and Prep took a couple hours, since it is done in a secure environment, no one is allowed in the immediate area (can we say 'THEY TAKE THAT LOJACK THING SERIOUSLY?!?!). I don't even know where my LoJack unit is... Is that a bad thing?
8.       Me riding my bike around like a teenager with a crap eating grin on my face for... WHO CARES HOW LONG I RODE, I WAS HAVING FUN!!!
9.       Kids talking about packing my stuff up, because they just became Biker Orphans (priceless), and just knowing I wasn't coming home for a longggggggggggggg time... LMAO!

Before leaving, I did ask if it came with a specific battery, ok I asked if it came with an Interstate Battery. I am still working on that one, LOL.

I also joined the Dallas Honda Riders Club, and they absorbed me into the club like I had been a member for years. There are all walks of life in the club, and they all seemed to be awesome people. Hell, they were trying to get me to go on some rides this week... But I have to work damnit...LOL. But next week; OH HELL YEAH I AM RIDING MY BUTT OFF!!!!!!!!! I hope I get bleeding saddle sores!!! ROFL!!!!!

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