Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda: Experience a better Honda service that’s been widely known over the years

Do you want to witness a different and innovative Honda motorcycle experience in North Texas? Drop by at Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda to see it for yourself.

Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda is an exclusive Honda-only dealer with 35,000 square feet of showroom space designed for ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, personal watercraft and power equipment. Reviews reveal that each staff member is a true enthusiast just like you, and has broad knowledge on various Honda accessories and service because they only focus on its name brand.

Does your dealership have a specific slogan?

Yes, it is “fast, fun and affordable”. We made it easy to recognize and remember so that we’ll get the attention of our potential customers. It also describes the benefits our customers could get from purchasing our products and services. We promise you that the entire process of purchasing a Honda vehicle at our dealership will always be fast, fun and affordable. As an official Powerhouse dealer, our complete line of Honda Powersports equipment also has a top-notch quality – showcasing more than 80 different Honda vehicles.

What is your advantage against your local competitors?

Since 1977, we’re the only Honda motorcycle dealer within the Dallas city limits, so we don’t have any competitors in our area, but to those beyond the borders of Dallas, reviews claim that we’re more personable and accommodating than others, and that’s possibly because we’re a family-owned shop – we greatly value our relationship with our customers.

We offer only the best motorsports deals available, and we always strive to get you riding on a Honda motorcycle, sport bike or scooter today. We can make this possible through our best Honda parts in stock, competitive financing, an experienced motorcycle service department, and the most effective sales department around.

Who are the dealership’s staff members?

Do you require individuals with superior repair and parts knowledge for your Honda vehicle needs? Or do you want trustworthy individuals to handle your upcoming Honda purchase? You’re positively on the right place at Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, because our sales, service, parts and accessories, and dealer support staff could help you with anything.

Al Lamb has been the owner of Dallas Honda for more than 37 years and has been working hard every day to make sure that the customers always comes first. Colby McCaslin is our general manager and has been dedicated in maintaining all the daily operations of our dealership, as well as its website development. Joe Gentle is our sales manager and has been committed in helping the customers with their Honda vehicle’s needs. Baron Horton is our accessories manager and has been devoted to helping the customers with their Honda vehicle’s accessory needs. Matt Blair is our OEM and hard parts manager and has been enthusiastic in handling all of the shipping and receiving for our parts and accessories department. Ted Poovey is our service department manager and has been proving his special talent for fixing things for more than 37 years in our dealership. Kirk Hantz is our lead service technician and has been an honest member of Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda for over 30 years. Randy Delgreco, David Autry and Santiago Webber are all service technicians of our dealership for years now and are Honda certified. Lastly, Joe Fohn is our PDI department technician that has been faithful in handling the new unit pre-delivery and makes ready services for 12 years.

What are the services your offer?

Aside from offering the best Honda vehicles in town, we’re also capable of giving you the best service and maintenance through our Honda motorcycles repairs, maintenance and service department. We can help you ride even if your credit is less than perfect because we have the proper sources to get you approved and our process is fast and simple. Send us a request through our official website if you want us to help you find the parts for your Honda vehicle.

Our OEM parts finder on our website includes a list of the year and model of each vehicle we have the parts listed online wherein you can select a specific model and find the parts you need, then indicate the quantity you would like to order and “add items to cart” once you’re done; it usually takes 7-10 business days to fill the orders, and remember that there are no returns on electrical parts. We have other helpful services available once you purchase a new vehicle at Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda. Those services include the LoJack system, Western Service Contract’s mechanical breakdown protection, and the unique and special features of MogoTrack.

What are the specific kinds of Honda vehicles available in your inventory?

We have ATV, off-road, pre-owned, scooter, street, and SxS Honda vehicles at our dealership. In particular, we have ATV Sport and ATV Utility under the category of ATV. We have adventure, cruiser, dual sport, sport, supersport, and touring under the street category. And competition, dual sport, and trail under the off-road category.

Where is your shop located?

Our location is located at the Southeast Corner of 635 and Greenville Avenue. You can drop by at our shop during the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm to meet our Rider’s Club. Our good and great selection of vehicles and au fait team keeps Honda Powersports owners coming back, while families delight in Dakota’s Coffee Shop with Starbucks coffee and snacks, free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped dyno room and 12 plasma TVs to watch races and enjoyable videos. We also do regular events, open houses, and guest appearances by professional motorcycle riders such as the Honda Supercross Team. Go to Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda and meet your next Honda motorcycle or other Powersports vehicle.

What is your contact number?

You can reach Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda’s staff at 972-238-7148 to talk to one of our expert sales associates. We are open from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and also during Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda is undeniably the perfect place for you to buy Honda Powersports vehicles. They offer great financing, sales, discounts and promotions as well as a pleasant and knowledgeable staff. It is the perfect local resource for Honda Powersports parts, accessories, repairs, maintenance and service.

Make sure to browse their complete list of current special on new Honda vehicles on their official website. Visit their ‘specials’ page often for new deals, or just drop by at their shop and talk with their accommodating team to get you on your next favorite ride.

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